Coill Chormaic

What is Coill Chormaic About?

Coill Chormaic is a forestry project established and maintained by friends and relatives who are inspired by the life and ideals of Cormac ó Braonáin


Where is Coill Chormaic?

Coill Chormaic cares for two broadleaf native forestry biodiversity community projects in County Leitrim: at Anskert and at Laragh, both near Mohill. The Laragh Biodiversity woods, at Lough Rowan will include a 1 hectare memorial garden park.


This mixed spruce, oak, birch and Scots Pine planted forest is on 6.8 hectares. The spruce trees will be gradually replaced over time with mixed native broadleaf trees in a biodiversity enhancing project.

Laragh Woods, Lough Rowan.

This 5.95 hectares site is on a slope above the lake. The site was under commercial forestry which has now been cleared. The new planting is of native broadleaf mixed woodland. This site, when fully planted and laid out will also be open to the local community. There will also be a memorial garden space adjacent to the biodiversity site.

Memorial Garden

Beside Lough Rowan, it is a 1 ha space for members of Coill Chormaic and the local community can plant a native tree in memory of a lost loved one. The garden will be laid out and tended to allow for visitor access on selected days throughout the year.


Why Coill Chormaic?

Cormac was a dearly loved family member and friend who grounded his life in community service, protection of our cultural heritage, and ecological activism. We his friends and family from all over Ireland, and indeed the world, would like to carry his memory forward in a way that reflects him. The forests will be open to the community as a public amenity and will embody a sustainability and biodiversity ethos.

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Picnic Coill Chormaic Anskert July 2024




Trees Growing Summer 2024

First Day Planting at Lough Rowan: 1500 trees: Birch, Alder, Hazel, Oak and Scots Pine.